Our Tranning Camp for Pench Villagers in Assosiation with Satpuda Foundation.

We have collaborated with several NGOs and Foundations to create awareness about mushrooms, it’s cultivation technology and encourage farmers to cultivate mushrooms to earn an additional income. We are indeed glad to be the part of this good cause. 

We are focused mainly on rural development and women empowerment. We have collaborated with Reliance Foundation, World Vision, AgroVision, MCED/MSME, Satpuda Foundation just to mention a few. 

Our aim is to provide self nutrition and additional income to the poor rural families. We provide them with free training and spawn. To support them we also buy back their produce.

In East Maharashtra most of the paddy straw is burnt as it has no other use. With this training people were made aware that paddy straw can be used efficiently as it is one of the best substrate for growing oyster mushroom. Mushroom cultivation is one of the low investment and high profit yielding cultivation. It is the new emerging trend in the agriculture field that is catching the eye of everyone because of its high returns. I look forward to see as many people growing mushrooms to make extra income by getting best out of waste.

Mr. Abhimanyu Dongarwar of Sky Mushrooms, Nagpur, provided technical guidance to the participants. During the programme, the participants were taught to cultivate oyster mushrooms. Oyster mushroom cultivation requires relatively low investment but has the potential to generate high returns. It requires less space for cultivation as it is done in closed sheds and uses vertical cultivation technique.

The cultivation can be done during the monsoon and winter seasons as it requires a milder temperature. The participants were also taught ways to market the produce, prepare products like dry mushrooms, pickles and mushroom powder that can be preserved for a longer duration and provide added source of income apart from the fresh produce.

Training Camp Images.

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